Choose the Proper Movie!

Did you know that not all films raised or inspired by true stories are in accordance with historical facts? There are films that deliberately change the facts of the original story just because of a specific purpose.

This change was deliberately done because they wanted to make the film more dramatic, have a good storyline, or even indeed propaganda. If there are only a few changes and not an important part, it has no effect.

However, what if the parts of the story are altered quite a lot or in a very fatal part to be changed. You and other viewers also tend to think of authentic history as the story that was filmed.

This is quite fatal and has a negative impact on understanding historical facts, biographies, or certain events. No wonder there will be more debate in the future because there are certain people who become films as references.

For that, you need to be careful in choosing films. For that, you can visit our website and find a variety of films that suit you.

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