Can Babies Watch in Cinema?

Every month, of course, there are always new films that appear in theaters, one of which may be played by your favorite actor. But unfortunately this time your desire to watch the latest films in theaters is constrained because of the little baby. What’s more, you don’t have a caregiver or other family member who can help look after your little one. If that happen, you can visit 123 movies website.

So, in a situation like this, you would invite the baby to watch a movie? Yes, taking babies to the cinema is still a topic that is still much debated to this day. Some people oppose this idea, while some parents assume there is no danger that invites them to watch in the cinema.

Many experts do not recommend taking babies to the movies, especially newborns. Because the baby is very susceptible to infection. Bringing a baby to a public place, especially closed public places such as theaters and museums, will be very risky. Babies are very likely to meet with many people at the same time and are exposed to infections easily when in public places. In addition, bringing a baby to the cinema is also a risk that there are many foreigners who will touch it.

When people see a baby, naturally they will instinctively touch or directly play with the baby. Although the movements are very sweet and harmless, this condition is not conducive to the baby’s health. Unlike family members, you cannot guarantee the cleanliness of strangers. Asking them to stay away from your child can also seem very rude. Though babies are very sensitive and susceptible to germs and infections.

The last reason why many experts forbid babies from being invited to the cinema is that the atmosphere of the cinema is not very conducive for babies. Auditoriums can be very dark and cold, and may even make children fearful. Moreover, the roaring sound of the film playing has the potential to damage the baby’s eardrums or frighten him. Every sound produced by a movie in the cinema reaches 90 decibels or higher, potentially hurting the hearing of children. In fact, in recent years, even children’s films reach 130 decibels. Not very good for your child’s hearing health.

Actually you can invite your child to watch in the cinema at any time, there are no definite rules to oppose it. Even so, experts recommend not to take the baby to the movies until he is 2 years old. At the age of 2 years, the baby’s immune system is much more developed and stronger. In addition, at that age, your child is also able to understand music and enjoy the visual treats he watches. Of course, this will make you and other viewers more comfortable during the film.